No ads on the typing tests

typing test without ads

Test your typing speed online for free without getting distracted by a bunch of ads jumping on the screen.

Detailed typing test results

detailed typing test results

Our typing test reports show you the main details you may want to know about your typing test. Things like typing speed in WPM (words per minute), typing speed in CPM (characters per minute), accuracy, total time taken to complete the test etc. You can even do your own typing speed calculation using the total time and the other parameters in the report.

Colors to show you how fast you type

typing test results colors

Many people see their typing speed in the results and start asking themselves if that typing speed is fast or not. Thinking about this, we decided to put the answer to this question in the typing test results using colors. Red for slow, orange for average, green for fast and blue for very fast. The colors are also used to show other parameters such as accuracy and mistakes.

Login not needed

Many people just want to quickly test their typing speed. They don't want to go through a registration process and don't want to associate any account with the site. That's why we do not require any login to use this site.

No popups

Isn't it annoying when you're reading something on a website and suddenly a popup covers the whole content and you have to close it manually? Well, we don't want that bad experience for our users, so there are no popups anywhere on our website.

Typing tests flows naturally

Our typing tests go naturally. You are not blocked from typing the next characters if the previous one is wrong. Typing continues even when you commit typing mistakes. You can also correct these mistakes, just like when you're typing a text in your daily life. You can even correct wrong words with the CTRL + BACKSPACE shortcut or just delete the last character with the BACKSPACE key.

Take a typing test with your own text

custom typing test

Some people are preparing themselves for typing exams and do prefer to use different texts for the typing test. With this in mind we added an option for you to send your own text and test your typing speed with it. The option is called “Custom” and it's available on the test page. You just have to copy and paste your text in a text field and click the “Start test” button.

Typing test with interesting texts

On this site you can test your typing speed with informative and interesting texts. So while you test your typing skills you also learn about different subjects. These real texts are also closer to the texts you probably type daily.

Typing test with words

You can also practice your typing speed with the most common words in English. In this test you don't have to worry about punctuation, just the words. This typing test is available on the test page and it's called “Words”.

Timed typing test

typing test timer options

You may want a typing test with a timer. For that we created different options of time for you to choose from. But remember, the longer the timer the more accurate the results will be. That's because, with longer timers, the results will be based on a bigger sample of your typing activity. Here are the timed typing tests available on the test page:

Typing test without timer

typing test without timer

If you want to test your typing speed without worrying about time, you can also do it here. Just select the “No Timer” option in the second selector above the text box. After that, you can take as long as you need to complete your typing test.

Typing tips to increase typing speed

Are you stuck at a specific typing speed and can't get faster? Do you want to improve your typing speed? We created a section full of tips just for that! It's called “How to increase typing speed in computer: 12 tips” and it's available on the tips page.

Common typing questions answered in our FAQ page

You may be wondering what a typing test is, why typing speed is important or even what is the average typing speed. You can find the answer to all these questions and many others in our FAQ page.