Free online typing test in english

This is a complete free typing test tool. Here you can quickly test your typing speed online in English, without having to log in.

How to test your typing speed

To test your typing speed on this site you have to type the text that is shown on the screen. A blue line under the characters represents the cursor and shows you the current character you have to type.

The test will start as soon as you press the first key. As you type, the characters will turn green (correct) or red (incorrect). You can correct them with BACKSPACE or the CTRL + BACKSPACE shortcut at any time.

When you finish your typing test the results will load and you will be able to check your typing speed, accuracy, mistakes, total time taken to complete the test etc.

How to change the typing test type

typing test options

To change the typing test type all you have to do is to click the first the selector (above the text box) and click one of the test options. You can easily and quickly alternate between different types of tests at any given time using this selector.

How to change the typing test timer

typing test timer options

To change the typing test timer you have to click the second selector (also above the text box) and select a timer option. You can choose from “No Timer”, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 15 minutes.

When you choose a test with a timer you have to type the text until the time runs out. When the time runs out you will see the results.

How to take a typing test without a timer

typing test without timer

If you don't want a timer in your typing test, you can click the timer selector (the second selector above the text box) and select the “No Timer” option.

If you choose a test without a timer you will see a word counter instead of a timer. The word counter will show you how many words are in the current test and how many of them you typed already. To complete this type of test you have to type all the words contained in the test.

I'm typing the text but nothing happens

Think of the text box (text to be typed) as a text editor. If you click outside it you won't be able to type and if you click inside it you will be able to type again.

So if at any given moment you are typing but nothing happens (the characters are not turning green or red) that's the reason. If this happens to you, click inside the text box or just refresh the page and everything will get back to normal.

How to use your own text for the typing test

First you must select the “Custom” option in the first selector above the text box (by default the selected option is “Text”). Next you have to copy and paste your text inside the empty box that will appear. Then you just have to click the “Start test” button and the test will begin.

If you decide to change the custom text after practicing with it, just click the “New test” button (below the text box) and repeat the process described in the previous paragraph. The test automatically removes any extra spaces in the text.

Use the keyboard to start a new test or to restart the current one

Clicking the buttons on the screen with the mouse every time you want to restart a test or begin a new one can be very tiring. But, instead of using the mouse for this, you can use the keyboard, which is much faster and comfortable.

If you are in the middle of a test and want to start a new one, for example, you can press the TAB key, followed by the ENTER key at any given time and a new typing test will be loaded. Now, if you want to restart the current test you can press the TAB key twice, followed by the ENTER key and the same test will be restarted.