About the Typing Core project

The Typing Core project was created with the goal of providing a nice, simple and clean place for everyone to test, practice and improve their typing skills online for free.

One of the priorities of this project is to make typing practice simpler, more interesting and fun. That's why we developed texts about curiosities on various subjects for the typing tests. This way, while you practice, you also learn about different topics.

To make it even easier for users to experience the Typing Core typing tests, we have chosen different colors in the results to indicate how well they performed in each aspect of typing. This way, the user, through the colors, will be able to quickly know if their performance was good or not.

We know that some people are preparing for the typing test required in the exam for certain professions and that they prefer to practice with texts that are more similar to those they will find in the exam. For this reason, we have created an option for you to upload any text you wish to practice with. Just choose the "Custom" option on the "Test" page, paste your text and click the "Start test" button. The test will start and upon completion you will have complete statistics about your performance in typing this same text.

We also know that some tests for certain professions use different weights to calculate final typing speed. Incorrect characters, for example, can be given a higher weight in tests for some professions. With this in mind, we have included in the typing test results all necessary variables in case you need to perform a different typing speed calculation than the one provided by default.

We created this site to be fully responsive, meaning that it adapts to the size of the most varied devices. In this way, everyone can benefit from this project, regardless of the device they are using. This means that you can also use our site to practice or test your typing speed on any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Feel free to make suggestions or report problems via our Facebook page, or via our emails:

E-mail contact@typingcore.com
E-mail typingcoretests@gmail.com

If you have any questions about practicing typing or want tips on how to improve your typing skills, our tips page can help.